Benefits of the Aqua Treadmill

Research has proven that exercise on an aqua treadmill can improve a horse's performance.

The Aqua treadmill gives your horse a full body workout, improving general fitness, joint flexion, breathing and range of movement. The water level minimises impact on the lower limbs and encourages increased range of motion.

One of the first improvements often observed is to the gait, coupled to an extension in the stride. These can be seen and can be expected to develop as sessions continue. All sessions are video recorded and copies can be provided to you so that you can keep a record and see changes. There are video records taken from four positions simultaneously so it’s easy to see the gait and alignment of your horse as it walks or trots.

More general fitness benefits include enhanced suppleness, muscle tone, and core strength.

Our experienced Centre Manager who operates the treadmill will keep a record of all sessions for your horse so that the planned exercise and improvement regime progresses. If the objective is to improve fitness and thus performance, the combinations of belt speed, water load and incline will all determine how long the horse can undergo the session before tiring.

Each type of horse has an expected maximum heart rate which should not be reached when using the water treadmill, simply because walking or trotting under load is not as aerobically challenging as a full gallop outside. For this reason the treadmill must be considered as an important part of your horse’s fitness programme and not a replacement for it.

​​​​Experience the benefits for yourself