A cost effective and hassle-free alternative to laborious icing

Do you recognise these problems with using ice to cool your horse’s legs after competition?

  • Making and storing the ice at home the night before;
  • Messing around with cool boxes to try and keep the ice frozen;
  • Fumbling with ice cubes as you try and apply a boot or wrap to the legs;
  • The speed at which the ice melts, making you wonder if it was worth all the hassle.

There is another way!

Introducing our Mobile Leg Chill Unit

The unit is fully equipped to cool your horse’s legs efficiently and safely in a reassuring environment for
​the animal. 

How it works

Your horse is led into our modified horse box, where it is secured by front- and rear partition bars and safely tied. Special cooling pads are applied to each leg and cooling begins! 

Our leg chilling machine has an internal cooler that chills constantly circulating liquid to as low as 2°C.

This coolant passes through pipes within the special pads applied to your horse’s legs and then recirculates through the machine which monitors and regulates the temperature.

The result is more efficient cooling than traditional icing, meaning quicker results with less work for you and your team!

Organising an event?

Our mobile leg chill unit is available to book, providing a valuable welfare service for your competitors.

Contact us to find out more.