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An age-old therapy brought up to date

Uses and Benefits

The spa treatment is suitable for a wide range of hoof or leg injuries and conditions, bringing the benefits of cold salt water therapy that have been recognised through the ages into the 21st Century.

Wounds and infections heal more thoroughly and rapidly, muscle and tendon problems are eased with recovery promoted more quickly, whilst the pain and discomfort of hoof disorders can be reduced accompanied by faster recovery.

 We are very happy to work in partnership with your Vet and will develop treatment and recovery programmes that fulfil the professional medical guidance you are given.

An age-old therapy brought up to date.

Sitting alongside our Aqua Treadmill is the Salt-water Spa used for recovery therapy.

This system is entirely separate from the treadmill, having its own water reservoir, cooling and filtration arrangements.

An aqueous solution of salt, 16% common salt and 11% Epsom Salts is held in a cooled reservoir at between 2 to 4C. This is pumped into the spa cabinet to a depth appropriate for the part of the leg to be treated. The spa floor can be vibrated to encourage the relaxation of leg muscles and tendons whilst at the same time air can be pumped through the water to enhance the cooling effect.