The Treadmill

Our water treadmill is of the very latest design and most comprehensive specification. Manufactured by “Activo-Med” in Germany, it was designed by a qualified vet and Olympic 3 day event rider. The treadmill belt has a speed range of from 1 to 15 Km/hr, equating from a walk to a fast trot. We have also specified and added a number of enhanced safety features to create an even safer environment for your horse.

The Filtration System

Two 5,000 litre tanks hold the water used in the treadmill; one for “clean” water and one for “used”. When the exercise is finishing the water is pumped out of the cabinet into a rotating drum filter with a water wash which separates out any solids and captures them for disposal. The water is held in an intermediate tank, from where it is pumped into the “used” water tank.

 An intensive filtration cycle is then started which takes the “used” water through a charcoal bed that removes any remaining impurities and then via an Ultra Violet chamber that kills any bacteria. This cycle is carried out during the day and overnight allowing the water to be continuously re-used.

 The whole system is back-washed weekly to clean out the filter bed and topped up with fresh water.

​​​​Come and see it for yourself!