​​​​​If your horse requires other types of work as part of its rehabilitation, we have on site a beautifully maintained all-weather sand school where this can be delivered in comfort.

We'll always liaise with your vet and are happy to work to their or your specific instructions, or to work together to develop a treatment programme for your horse’s individual needs.

​​​​​The Aqua Treadmill mainly lends itself to improving muscle and joint conditions. It is excellent for gradually re-building muscle strength, and is especially effective where the horse requires low impact exercise, since the water reduces the impact on the lower limbs. It also has proven effectiveness in enhancing suppleness, joint flexion and range of movement in the back.

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Residential treatment programmes for accelerated recovery

​​​​​In certain cases of acute or chronic conditions, hydrotherapy treatments delivered over a number of consecutive days can have a significant impact on your horse’s recovery.

Staying with us is the most time efficient way to achieve this kind of benefit and with our aqua treadmill and saltwater spa we can help with a range of conditions.

​​​​​Treatments in our Saltwater Spa, with its combined 10% solution of common salt and Epsom salts, plus the special ingredient, 1% sulphur, can alleviate symptoms and accelerate healing of a range of leg injuries. Indications include: soft tissue injuries; wounds and skin infections (such as Mud Fever); and treatment of feather mite.