High Weald Horse Hydro is a leading equine hydrotherapy centre using water treadmill and spa therapy to help horses of all types and levels get fitter, stronger and healthier. Sessions on our water treadmill and saltwater spa compliment equine rehabilitation programmes and exercise regimes to deliver benefits you can see in your horse's physique, performance and attitude.


Proven to improve performance

Exercise on a water treadmill can improve rhythm and core stability, build muscle tone and increase stride length and range of movement. Our own experience of working hundreds of horses on our water treadmill is that it can also create a positive change in the horses' work ethic and temperament.


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Water Treadmill

The Water Treadmill delivers a low-impact, full body workout with a wide range of physical and mental benefits for every type of horse. Excellent for both training and rehabilitation.

Salt Water Therapy

We can help with both post-competition recovery and treatment of injuries and chronic conditions. State of the art equine spa with in-built solarium and vibro-floor.


What our clients think

Emily B.

“Hugely beneficial for my horses. They feel physically more able to cope with the rigours of Eventing as well as looking fantastic!”

Abby B.

“Took my special boy for his first session yesterday and it was fantastic. The facilities are 5 star and the whole experience was very positive."

Sue J.

“My horse loves going and Evonne and Kat are brilliant, I can really see and feel the difference in him, it’s one of the best decisions I have made”


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