The aqua training experts


Your horse in safe hands

Starting aqua training or hydrotherapy can be daunting if your horse hasn't used a water treadmill or spa before but at High Weald Horse Hydro you can be sure they are in good hands.

Since we opened in 2017 we have worked with hundreds of horses - everything from top-class eventers to pet ponies - in thousands of sessions on our water treadmill and spa, making us true experts in the field of aqua training and hydrotherapy.

By becoming a client you will be joining the many hundreds of happy customers who have trusted us to help their horse get better, fitter and stronger.


Putting your horse first

Our team is now well-established, having worked together since we opened in 2017. Between us we have thousands of hours of experience working horses on the treadmill and spa.

Our Centre Manager is ​Evonne Armstrong, who is responsible for all day-to-day operational matters. A qualified massage therapist and student of Anatomy & Physiology, Evonne has over 25 years’ experience of handling horses “from the floor”, having worked previously as a freelance groom and a much-sought after clipper. Evonne and her two grown-up daughters regularly produce young horses to compete at Eventing Novice and 1* levels.

Kat Oates​ is a BHS Stage 3 Coach in Complete Horsemanship with five years' professional experience and six further years' experience as a groom. Kat earned her diploma in Equine Management from Plumpton College before going on to complete BHS stage 1,2 and 3 awards while gaining experience in yard management, saddlery and bridlework.


A safe and calming environment

Our “Activo-Med” water treadmill, saltwater spa and supporting filtration system are of the most comprehensive specification, allowing us to consistently deliver safe, effective and hygenic treatments. Video cameras capture your horse's session from mutiple angles with the recordings available to you on request for no extra charge. Your horse can be accurately weighed before or after each session on our weigh scales for a small fee.

We’ve also taken great care to create an environment that will put your horse at ease whilst keeping it and everyone involved in its treatment safe and comfortable.​ The treatment room is light and open, yet there are no distracting echoes due to the wood-paneled walls and anti-slip matting across the whole floor. The insulated roof helps keep things warm in Winter and cool in Summer, aided by heaters and controlled ventilation.


We have a large concrete parking area immediately outside the building, enabling quick and clean transfer of the horse from box to the treatment room and back again. There is even a small grazing area to keep your horse happy if you arrive a little early!

If your horse is staying with us on a Therapeutic Livery package then you can be assured they will be both comfortable and safe. Find out more about our Livery packages here.