Short stays for training, rehabilitation and holiday


First class facilities in a tranquil setting

Horses staying with us for residential treatment programmes or holiday livery enjoy the highest standards of comfort and care. They stay in our meticulously maintained American barn stables and are turned out in spacious paddocks surrounded by sturdy post-and-rail fencing.


Our brand new, fibre-surfaced "limited turnout" paddocks provide the facility for horses that require restricted diets to spend extended time outside, and also give us the ability to give all our guests some mud-free turnout time during persistently wet winters.

Please contact us to discuss a bespoke package to suit your requirements or to arrange a visit.


Effective exercise without riding

Holiday livery at High Weald Horse Hydro includes a programme of sessions on the water treadmill tailored to your horse's condition and needs - perfect if you prefer others don't ride your horse but you still want him properly exercised while you are away. 

Our full holiday livery package includes:

  • Stabling and grass turnout, organised to your requirements

  • Feed and hay given to your requirements

  • Bedding and daily muck-out

  • A bespoke programme of sessions on our water treadmill


Please contact us for more information.


Your horse's next step on the return to full work

​​​​​We can offer short-term livery for horses returning to work who need a controlled environment for their continued recovery.


We can provide a combined programme of treadmill work and spa sessions to suit your horse's needs. In certain cases hydrotherapy treatments delivered over a number of consecutive days can have a significant impact on your horse’s recovery.