For rehab, fitness and temperament


The low impact exercise that makes a big impact on the horse

The water treadmill gives your horse a full body workout with much less impact on the lower limbs, tendons and skeleton than other forms of exercise. The horse has the freedom to learn how to use its own body and to work without tension, allowing it to achieve its full potential.


For performance enhancement

We work with riders and owners of all levels and disciplines to keep their horses fit throughout the year.


The treadmill’s movement means the horse must walk in a straight position, which helps improve the gait, while the resistance from the water encourages an extension in the stride.


Clients note an improvement in hind-quarter engagement after a period of water treadmill training, which is a result of the horse automatically employing the hind muscles more as they move against the pressure of the water. In addition, they see appreciable development of topline and muscle definition as well as improved core strength and endurance.


For weight loss

Water treadmill work is the perfect exercise for overweight horses. The treadmill belt and water lessen the impact on the body of the horse’s weight, allowing calories to be burned with less physical strain than other forms of exercise.

We also have a weigh station in the treatment room so your horse's weight can be monitored and tracked if desired.


When returning to work

Whether your horse is starting a comeback after injury or has just had a break, training on the water treadmill can be a valuable part of their new exercise programme.


Water level, speed and incline of the treadmill can be set to the right levels for your horse to get started and can be gradually built up over a course of sessions to generate positive momentum in your horse’s training and help you see their fitness improve week by week.


For temperament

As well as the physical benefits of water treadmill training, we have seen a lot of examples where training on the water treadmill has had a positive impact on a horse’s mentality.


Treadmill work helps the horse develop focus, self-confidence and strong work ethic which time and again clients tell us has transferred to their work under saddle.